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Business and Nature in Harmony

Offset Project

Afforestation with Hazelnut Plantations in Western Georgia


Environmental Benefits

The project sequesters carbon on previously abandoned land in rural Western Georgia. By creating a permanent forest cover, it stops ongoing degradation, replenishing soil and vegetative stocks. 

Social Benefits

The creation of a Hazelnut Growers Association, founded by the project owner, provides the link between local producers and the market. In addition to the long-term commitment by Ferrero to provide technology and knowledge transfer, local farmers will benefit from a guaranteed market for their crop.

Corporate Sustainability

Corporate Sustainability is a business approach that creates long-term shareholder value by embracing opportunities and managing risks deriving from economic, environmental and social developments.

Our sustainability commitment

The project is the first ever Gold Standard food afforestation project. Producing hazelnuts each year, the project employs and trains local farmers in advanced hazelnut cultivation. 

What do we mean by carbon footprint offsetting?

A carbon offset is a reduction in emissions of carbon dioxide or greenhouse gases made in order to compensate for, or to offset an emission made elsewhere...

Offset your daily carbon footprint

To reduce the impacts of emissions, we also offer our more environmentally conscious clients a further option of calculating and offsetting their emissions. Ask us

1. What is a carbon footprint?

The total amount of greenhouse gases (CO2, CO, SOx, NOx, etc.) produced to directly and indirectly support human activities, by which we cause an impact on the Earth's atmosphere.

When you drive a car, the engine burns fuel which creates a certain amount of CO2, depending on its fuel consumption and the driving distance. When you heat your house with oil, gas or coal, then you also generate CO2. Even if you heat your house with electricity, the generation of the electrical power may also have emitted a certain amount of CO2. When you buy food and goods, the production of the food and goods also emitted some quantities of CO2. All these emissions can be reduced and offset.

2. What do we mean by carbon footprint offsetting?

Offsetting CO2 emissions is based on the voluntary monetary contribution  proportional to the tons of CO2 emitted in order to neutralize the emissions. Specifically, this is done through buying of carbon credits, each equivalent to one tonne of CO2 emitted. This financial contribution is dedicated to projects in developing countries and they are to: Capture a number of tons of CO2 equivalent to the amount emitted by developing a carbon sink project for reforestation or prevent the issuance of a number of tons of CO2 equivalent to the amount emitted by means of energy efficiency, replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy, waste management, avoided deforestation, intensive farming or processing of organic agriculture.

We cannot stop emitting GHI when we travel or during our daily activities, so the only way to say that we are "carbon neutral" is through offsetting.

3. How can I offset my carbon footprint?

The emissions offsetting project is Afforestation with Hazelnut Plantations in Wester Georgia. The project sequesters carbon on previously abandoned land in rural Western Georgia. By creating a permanent forest cover, it stops ongoing degradation, replenishing soil and vegetative stocks. 

If you want to invest in it, you can contact Grattan MacGiffin

“As a hazelnut industry leader, the Ferrero Group has set out to test and disperse a sustainable agriculture system, through the ‘Afforestation with Hazelnut Plantations in Western Georgia’ project. The result is a replicable best practice model for Ferrero, the industry and beyond. In line with its corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy, the Group has embraced its place within society and its role in advancing global development. This Georgian project alone has significantly helped the region, namely on food security, economic opportunity and climate change. To promote this important activity, we are partnering with ALLCOT because of their unique expertise in promoting high quality carbon projects and innovative approach”.

Arduino Borgogno, Purchasing Director of FerreroTrading LUX S.A


‘’We are delighted to partner with Ferrero and look forward to combining ALLCOT’s market reach and innovative communications with Ferrero’s first-class portfolio. The food sector is at the forefront of sustainability and we are engaging with it in new ways to deliver value for our clients.’’

Grattan MacGiffin, Chief Commercial Officer of ALLCOT 

 “We, farmers need support to be able to start production on our own. Agrigeorgia’s project gives us perspectives; they provide us support and guarantee a long-term market for our products.”

Mamuka Kikalia at the training



Ferrero is an Italian manufacturer of branded chocolate and confectionery products and it is one of the biggest chocolate producers in the world. Founded in 1946 in Alba, Piedmont, Italy by Pietro Ferrero, the company’s products include Nutella, Ferrero Rocher, Pocket Coffee, Mon Chéri, Giotto, Raffaello, and the Kinder line of products, as well as the Tic Tac range. Ferrero is committed to the constant pursuit of the highest quality, while building on the pillars of economic, social and environmental sustainability and investing in its brands for the long term.

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