Business & Nature in harmony
Ferrero Advanced Farming Projects

Social Benefits


The project provides economic and community benefits and technology and knowledge transfer

The creation of a Hazelnut Growers Association, founded by the project owner provides the link between local producers and the market. In addition to the long-term commitment by Ferrero to provide technology and knowledge transfer, local farmers will benefit from a guaranteed market for their crop.


Economic Benefits

• Stringent capacity build activities: to date more than 1000 employees are local in management and all other workforce;

• CSR strategy implemented: employees get fair payment, full access to medical services;

• Donor funding for regional development;

• Further job and investment opportunities.


Community benefits

• Continuous interaction with the stakeholders: one member from each household working with the project;

• European standards for health and safety, specially designed social buildings;

• Courses and trainings for local students in cooperation with local schools and churches;

• Safer environment: removal war zone mines and prevention of illegal activities.

• Rebuilding infrastructure: more reliable power supply;

• New roads provide access to remote locations, renewal of fencing and wind-breakers.


Technology & knowledge transfer

• Strength in education: comprehensive training on

• sustainable hazelnut growing practices provided for 2500 farmers;

• Understanding cultural heritage and disseminating sustainable hazelnut plantation practices;

• R&D focus on bright spots of sustainability;

• Pilot nature conservation practices: Integration of ecosystem corridors and gradual introduction of natural re-vegetation.

• Developing best practice in management and halting landscape and soil degradation;

• Welfare activities are targeted at long-term impact on local communities.