Business & Nature in harmony
Ferrero Advanced Farming Projects


“As a hazelnut industry leader, the Ferrero Group has set out to test and disperse a sustainable agriculture system, through the ‘Afforestation with Hazelnut Plantations in Western Georgia’ project. The result is a replicable best practice model for Ferrero, the industry and beyond. In line with its corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy, the Group has embraced its place within society and its role in advancing global development. This Georgian project alone has significantly helped the region, namely on food security, economic opportunity and climate change. To promote this important activity, we are partnering with ALLCOT because of their unique expertise in promoting high quality carbon projects and innovative approach.”

Arduino Borgogno


"We are delighted to partner with Ferrero and look forward to combining ALLCOT’s market reach and innovative communications with Ferrero’s first-class portfolio. The food sector is at the forefront of sustainability and we are engaging with it in new ways to deliver value for our clients.’’

Grattan MacGiffin


 “We, farmers need support to be able to start production on our own. Agrigeorgia’s project gives us perspectives; they provide us support and guarantee a long-term market for our products.”

Mamuka Kikalia


"The project has brought long-term jobs opportunities, new hope and a safer. Better life for all of us."

Rusudan Daraselia