Business & Nature in harmony
Ferrero Advanced Farming Projects

Afforestation with Hazelnut Plantations in Western Georgia



The project is the first ever Gold Standard food afforestation project. Producing hazelnuts each year, the project employs and trains local farmers in advanced hazelnut cultivation

The project is located in the Samegrelo region of the Caucasus’ Black Sea Coast, it uniquely links food production with carbon sequestration, nature conservation and local economic growth.

Previously a cornerstone of fruit and wine supply, the break-up of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s left the Samegrelo region with lack of capacity, deteriorating infrastructure. Due to uncertain land tenure issues, clearing for grazing, deforestation of windbreaks and illegal waste dumping followed, while financing for agriculture became difficult to obtain.

Carbon finance from sales of Gold Standard VERs will combine the farming of a valuable crop with ecosystem protection, while at the same time provide sustainable, long-term economic development for the local community.

Key Facts: 

  • 3,600 ha project area
  • 2.5 million trees planted
  • 360 ha of natural forest/ecosystem corridors conserved
  • 1,000+ jobs created
  • Advanced training provided to 2,500 local farmers
  • New infrastructure investment including power supply,  community buildings and roads

The creation of a permanent forest cover by the planting of 2.5 million trees has stopped degradation, replenishing soil and vegetative stocks, while preserving the watershed.